The Worldwide Remedy for Boredom

My sister complains about being bored all the time! When I give her a remedy for her boredom, she shuns it. You want to know what that remedy is? Reading, reading, reading!  

The only thing my sister enjoys reading is her friend’s Facebook posts and her Instagram. Well, I take that back. There was that one time where she invested in the “50 Shades of Grey” series…

But if I tell her to read a book when she’s bored, she laughs and says no way. She says she wishes she could be into that like me, but she just can’t. I beg to differ. Don’t knock it until you try it!

I think people are scared off by reading, because they don’t realize not every book is going to be as boring as the ones they were forced to read in school. Book reading is an art in itself. It’s about finding the author that speaks to your imagination, finding the story that piques your interest, finding the characters that inspire you most. You can’t just give up on all books because you read one that one time, and it was just awful! 

Looking for the right book is just like finding the right pair of shoes to fit your feet, style and taste. You may have to try a bunch on. Sure, the one’s you thought you’d love may not always fit the right way when you try them on and you may just have to keep searching through the stacks to find your match, but trust me, everyone finds their match. 

Without books, I’d be bored too! Social media sites can only take you as far as the picture of that one girl on the beach you don’t even know who looks hot in a bikini (and makes you super jealous because she has no cellulite or rolls, even when she’s leaning over). It’s so shallow! If you want something real, read a good book.

Books teach us about cultures we may never experience in our lifetime. They enlighten us on past and present historical, political, social, and religious issues. They inspire us to dream bigger, expand our horizons and grow as humans. In books we can find who we are, what we believe and what we want from life. They challenge us and bring us knowledge.

Compare a well-read person with someone who never reads, and you’ll see a vast difference. The one who reads knows what he believes with a strong conviction. The one who doesn’t tends to be lost in regurgitated philosophies that he can’t even understand because he didn’t read up on it anyway. That’s been my experience at least.

To read books is to be knowledgeable and to find yourself, but it’s a journey people discard before they even walk its path. Don’t be that person. Keep reading until you find that one book you can’t put down, and then find another like it and another and another and you get my point.

Rant over…for now


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